Exam Results

Top Marks for Hatch End A Level Students!

Hatch End High School students and teachers welcomed the return of formal A Level and BTEC assessments by securing the best set of A Level results in the school’s history, far surpassing last year’s Teacher Assessed Grades and proving just how capable and well prepared our students are.

In a year where results were expected to fall nationally after a two year absence of externally assessed exams, Hatch End students have bucked the trend and delivered the school’s best ever A Level results.  

We could not be more proud of our young people and send them our heartfelt congratulations. We would also like to thank our wonderful staff who have helped them gain these grades and their families for all their support.  A real community effort!

We celebrate the determination, resilience and optimism of our students who in spite of all the disruption to their education over the past two and a half years, have excelled. 30% of all grades were at A*/A and 90% of all grades at A* to C; that really is a remarkable achievement for a cohort of students sitting public examinations for the first time.

Our young people young people leave us so well equipped to take their next steps, with them all going on to a variety of exciting university and apprenticeship courses.

The following students secured straight A* grades: Eesha Patel, Ilhan Khan (who both achieved 3A* grades) and Rishabh Varia who secured 4 A* grades in Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology and now intends to pursue a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at world leading Imperial College, London. Rishabh said: “I’ve only been successful because of Hatch End High School and my family. I am so grateful for all the never-ending support. The teaching staff have been absolutely excellent and taken great care of me. They have pushed me to do my very best and achieve my goals”.


Eesha Patel, Yosuf Ali & Rishabh Varia receiving their fantastic A* and A grade results with Mr Richards


Eesha Patel celebrating 3 A* grades

A further 10 students had a mixture of A*s and A grades, for example, Yosuf Ali achieved 3 A grades in Maths, Chemistry and Biology. Yosuf joined Hatch End as a refugee from Syria.  Thanks to our guidance and his hard work, determination, tenacity and commitment he will now be going on to read Medicine at the Russell Group University of Southampton and he hopes to return to work in his homeland in future, specialising in Cardiology. Yosuf said: “I came to the UK from Syria as a refugee when I was 12 years old and spoke no English. The environment at Hatch End High School is the reason I have achieved these results. There is always a teacher/staff member to help you no matter what, it is the exceptional support you receive at Hatch End High School which has enabled me to be so successful.”


Yosuf Ali is pictured celebrating 3 A grades in Maths, Chemistry and Biology. Yosuf will be attending University of Southampton to read Medicine

Head of Sixth Form Mr Richards said: “We are so proud of our students; they have overcome adversity, risen to the challenges and finished their secondary education in style.”

Headteacher Ms Maguire said: “At Hatch End High School, we pride ourselves on developing the whole child, as well as securing outstanding academic outcomes – our young people today have shown us just how resilient they are, and they deserve the very best of futures. We are so proud of them all.”


GCSE Results Day will take place on Thursday 25th August

Physical collection and enrolment for Year 12 from 10:00am. Further information about specific timings and locations will be communicated directly to students and parent/carers.

Results will be emailed shortly after 4:00pm. 



Please visit the DfE Performance Tables Website for full analysis of results.

The latest Accountability Measures were published in 2019. Exam results per subject are detailed for later years.

Key Stage 4 Accountability Measures 2019


HEHS 2019




Overall Progress 8



English and Maths

Grade 4+  56%


English and Maths

Grade 5+  41%



Grades 9 - 4  74%



Grades 9 - 4  61% 70%


Grades 9 - 5  60% 61%


Grades 9 - 5  46%



Grades 9 - 7  24%



Grades 9 - 7  21%


Overall Attainment 8



Students achieving EBAC - standard pass



Students achieving EBAC - strong pass



Students entered for EBAC




4.11 4.07

Staying in education or entering employment1



1 Based on the most recent published information (for 2016 Leavers)

  Accountability Measures HEHS 2019 Source National 2019
Destinations* Sustained education employment or training after KS4




IDSR (2019 Leavers) 94%
Sustained school Sixth Form after KS4


(significantly above average)


IDSR (2019 Leavers) 37.2%


* Destinations are based on the most recent published information (for academic year 2018 - 2019)

Key Stage 5 Accountability Measures 2019

Accountability Measure

HEHS 2019 Source National 2019
Progress A Level


DfE Performance Tables 0.00


+0.01 DfE Performance Tables 0.00

Applied General

+0.56 DfE Performance Tables 0.00

Average grade (points) per A Level entry

C- (27.45)

DfE Performance Tables

C+ (34.01)

Average grade (points) per Academic entry C- (27.54)

DfE Performance Tables

C+ (34.33)
Average grade (points) per Applied General entry Distinction-  (34.14) DfE Performance Tables Merit+(28.91)

English and

Maths progress

English GCSE


Internal Calculation; suppressed on DfE Performance Table due to small cohort.


Maths GCSE +0.58

DfE Performance Tables


Retention A Level 100% SISRA 92.5%
Academic 100% SISRA 92.4%

Applied General

97.6% SISRA 90.4%

Sustained education, employment or training after KS5


(significantly above average)

IDSR (2019 Leavers) 80.7%

Sustained higher education after KS5


(significantly above average)

IDSR (2019 Leavers) 54.6%

* Destinations are based on the most recent published information (for academic year 2018 - 2019)

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