Student Voice

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Hatch End High School believes it has a responsibility to engage students as partners throughout education, particularly in the decision making that affects them every single day. We aim to put democracy into action with students being consulted through both “elected” and “selected” student systems.

  • Each term PCSHE devotes a distinct ONE HOUR session for ALL students for STUDENT VOICE.
  • Each half term, several TUTOR periods for ALL students are devoted to STUDENT VOICE.
  • The rationale is to empower ALL students – to give EVERY student the opportunity to express themselves in writing or in a discussion.
  • The Senior Leadership Team selects one / two aspects of school life for students to discuss and provide feedback centrally. Tutors make use of their allocated PCSHE lesson/Tutor slots to complete a tutor feedback form, which is collated, summarised and analysed by the Deputy Head (Pastoral/Community).
  • The Deputy Head (Pastoral/Community) feeds back to all HEHS stakeholders.
  • In addition, VOICE and CHOICE is aiming to encourage our students to stand up for something they believe in and aim to make a difference. All students at HEHS will be given the opportunity to sign up to ACTION GROUPS working towards making a difference.
  • The Student Senior Leadership – pictured below will be responsible for setting up a voting system and finalising the choices of the focus for each of the ACTION GROUPS each year/term – depending on the size of the projects.  The Student SLT are responsible for co-ordinating action groups – setting up cross year teams, supported by the AH KS3 and AHKS4.
  • The Student Leadership Team will feedback to all HEHS stakeholders.



Each half  term a panel consisting of students who are deliberately non-elected can attend one of these sessions.

  • One half term – students have the option of signing up – it is their choice
  • Second half term - Heads of Year are asked to select a panel of students which best represents the demographic of the Year Group

This panel is used to research debate topics and allow students who may not always wish to put themselves forward for election to give feedback in a variety of formats – written feedback is often gathered to allow students who do not wish to speak out the chance to be heard.

We believe that students can become more effective learners when they are engaged in the processes of democracy and active participation. Within the school we also have members of the Harrow Youth Parliament who debate local issues within Harrow and Anti-Bullying Campaign Peer Mentors who debate anti-bullying strategies to implement within the school.

All students also appreciate the value of debating via the PCSHE Programme which is constructed to ensure we have a full representation of all our students, for example, gender and ethnicity. Students are also given opportunities to participate in initiatives such as the BBC News Report, DebateMate and The Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge.