Performances / Events

We run a whole range of events each year.

Regular events include:

  • Regular Sports fixtures / Competitions at Borough level.
  • Arts Days for Primary Schools.
  • Music Concerts each term.
  • BTEC, GCSE and A Level Drama and Performing Arts showcases.
  • Senior Citizens Tea Party in December annually and visits to sing AL-FRESCO during lockdowns.
  • Charity Events, such as Anti-Bullying events and responses to world events/disasters organised by students.
  • Art Exhibition.
  • Subject Clubs, e.g. History; Maths; English

For any information regarding performances and events please contact Ms M Dunford on

Please check this part of the website carefully as it is regularly updated with recent events and also view our Newsletter which is published every two weeks.


Hatch End High School Production Society

Hatch End High School Production Society has been in existence for over 30 years and stages a large, West End quality, annual musical production open to all students. They have the opportunity to work both on stage and behind the scenes, or play an instrument within the accompanying band/orchestra. Past musicals have included - Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Wedding Singer". In February 2018, the Society marked its 30th anniversary and the opening of the refurbished Great Hall with a show involving both current students and over 20 alumni - it was a wonderful evening with lots of positive feedback. To mark the future, the students also ran a Roald Dahl Workshop for over 50 primary school students.

Our last show was in February 2020 - "School's Will Rock You" - so fortunate to have been staged just before the global lockdown. We attempted to adapt an online production in December 2020, but increased restrictions prevented us reaching our finished product. We have not stoppped planning, however and have big plans to be back "on the boards" in June 2022 - Watch out for an announcement in the Newsletter.

The Society will continue to adapt and change with the challenges of Covid, but the SHOW WILL GO ON.

"I have been given such a range of opportunities to perform both at school and in the wider community which have really developed my confidence and self-esteem. In addition, the Society is like a family and I have gained life-long friends from all year groups and walks of life"               Daisy Suffield, Alumni.


Annual Senior Citizens’ Party – December

Every year we invite up to 100 Senior Citizens to join us from local residential homes and the local community for a Christmas Party and singalong. They spend several hours with us, enjoying afternoon tea, whilst being entertained by our young people, who sing and perform. We always have a group singalong and Father Christmas makes an annual appearance to draw the raffle. Covid has meant a change of direction - if the Seniors could not come to us, it meant we reached out to them - we set up a link with Kent House Residential Care home and wrote tothe staff and residents all through the Lockdowns. Students painted a range of artwork to mark festivals, which they displayed around the home and we sang carols outside in December 2020 and December 2021. We also design, make and produce individualised Christmas Cards for the residents of Kent House and Rowanweald Homes.

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Local Primary School Christmas Party – December

Prior to Covid, we have invited a number of students age 6- 8 years from a local primary school to join us for a Christmas Party. The session involves the students taking part in a Christmas craft session, a paperchain competition, party games and a visit from Father Christmas to hear a Christmas story.

We are very proud of both of these events as we think it is very important to meet, entertain and learn about members of our wider community.  Our students are expected to interact with our guests and this also provides a range of excellent learning opportunities:

  • Catering students prepare the eating areas, bake and serve the food, tea and coffee wearing their official “whites”. This is a superb opportunity for them to cater for large numbers and learn to work under pressure.
  • Health and Social Care students have to write letters inviting students in from the local primary school, risk assess the working area, plan a range of suitable craft activities and games and consider any special educational needs of the visiting students. The party is always a real eye opening experience for them as they have to entertain up to 60 young students for an hour and half and this is real hands on vocational experience. The Health and Social Care students also support the Senior Citizens’ Party – helping to decorate the room and talk to the visiting people.
  • Music and Performing Arts students and students who play instruments and belong to the school choirs sing and perform – another great opportunity.

We have not let Covid deter us adapting as far as possible to ensure we could continue. We held a competition for students to write stories about Bears at Christmas - entitled "The Twelve Bears of Christmas", stories written by staff and students at HEHS and illustrated by A-Level Art and Design students was produced and distributed to all primary schools in Harrow.

In 2021 - we created and produced another book based on overcoming adversity - once again illustrated and issued to all hospitals in the NW London Health Trust and Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

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We are currently offering Arts-based sessions called “ARTLETS”. We are happy to visit schools and work with a class or year group for up to a maximum of 2 hours – usually we offer a one hour session, but could do more if asked. The sessions are planned based on discussion with staff on a curriculum area(s) they would like boosted or emphasised.  We also offer areas of PCSHE/safeguarding. These sessions are tailored to other school’s needs.  This is a great opportunity for partnership working. Our students really enjoy the challenge of having to be creative in planning a very concise but fun session on a set theme – making sure that learning is taking place. This helps our students understand the importance of planning and breaking work down into bite size chunks in order to progress and emphasises the importance of using a variety of medium to deliver topics.

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Munster School visited for the 17th year in a row

We regularly welcome a number of students from schools from countries all over the world! Most recently, we have had visitors from France, Germany, Finland, Hungary, China, Spain and Portugal. We are looking forward to resurrecting this post covid. 

One school from Munster in Germany bring a group of between 100 and 120 students every Spring to visit the school. They spend an hour looking round the school to understand how a British School works and then have an hour of direct conversation work with our students in a session booked in the Great Hall. We always conclude each session with a group photo, to mark the partnership and publish the visits in our respective newsletters. This is a great opportunity for our students studying German to try out their language skills.


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