Music Lessons

Hatch End High School are proud to offer a wide variety of Music Clubs both during lunchtimes and after school. Further to this, students are able to learn to play an instrument during the school day.

Lesson times change each week so that students do not always come out of the same curriculum lesson. Timetables are displayed outside T32. Instrumental Lessons cost £195 a year or £65 a term. This can be paid termly or in full. Students in receipt of Free School Meals receive a 50% discount. You are paying for 30 lessons a year. Your child may receive more than this but if for any reason they have less we will refund you for the missed lessons. Students will receive a practice book from their teacher which you can use to communicate with their teacher. If a student needs to borrow an instrument then the instrument must be kept in good working order and returned to HEHS/HMS on request. You will be charged for the purchase of a new instrument if it is not returned. Students will not have a timetabled lesson until payment has been made and we require a term's notice if you wish to cancel lessons.

For further information and to sign up, please follow the link below:

HEHS Instrumental Lesson Request Form 2023/24