School Improvement

Our School Improvement Plan is a working document that helps us to fulfil our core purpose which is to enable all young people to make exceptional progress and achieve outstanding outcomes so they are able to live fulfilling and successful lives. Our core values of Co-operation, Ambition, Respect and Empathy underpin everything we do. We work hard, reflect honestly and are critically evaluative for the benefit of all our young people and other stakeholders.

We have the following key priorities for 2023-24:

  1. Improve student progress
  2. Raise expectations of behaviour to lead to better student progress
  3. Develop self-motivated and self-disciplined students who take ownership of their learning
  4. Continue to work collaboratively on staff wellbeing

Further details can be found in the documents below.

One Year School Improvement Plan 2023/2024

Actions for One Year SIP updated Nov 2023

SEF September 2023

SEF Sixth Form September 2023