Parents' Overview

In the Parents’ section of the website you can find important information about how your child will be cared for and educated during their time at Hatch End High School.  

Useful information on how to help your child get the most from their education can be found by looking in detail under any of the tabs in this section, e.g. Homework, Careers - as well as the other main tabs on the website, e.g. Curriculum, Enrichment, Student Support. 

At Hatch End High School, we do everything possible to make school an approachable and friendly place. 

Progress reports are issued following every CAP (Common Assessment Point) and are available via EduLink, our online portal. We look forward to the online parent/carer evenings once a year where you can meet all your child’s teachers and also hold a range of information evenings which help you to support your child. However, additional informal opportunities can also be arranged throughout the year to touch base regarding your child's progress and the Year Team are always willing to meet to discuss your child.  

All Parents/Carers, Staff and Students are asked to sign our 'Home/School Agreement'. To view an example of this please click here

Parent View

Parent View was launched by Ofsted in October 2011. It offers parents an opportunity to give their opinion to Ofsted on 12 aspects of the school.

To register and give your views, please click here.

Hatch End High School has for several years, also collected parents/carers views on a regular basis and will continue to do so in our quest to improve our students outcomes and experiences at school. See below some recent quotes from parents/carers.

Please click here to view feedback from parents/carers, students and staff about Hatch End High School.

I cannot praise the school enough in its efforts to encourage and push our child to achieve her full potential as a student and person. Well done and thank you.

The school has guided my child through Year 7 to 6th Form and he has made excellent progress at Hatch End High School. He is happy, he feels safe and that makes me content as a parent.

My child has had great support and excellent teaching over the years.

My child’s progress is excellent and he is happy. The extra-curricular opportunities are superb.

I love Hatch End High School because students are encouraged to develop to their full potential in a friendly and safe atmosphere.

The school reporting system is extremely good and it keeps you up to date with all information regarding your child.

Great school. Am very pleased with all aspects of my child’s learning. Highly recommend.

I have found that concerns are dealt with promptly and with care. It’s clear that teachers also thrive at this school and appear to retain the passion to teach. All teachers are enthusiastic and know each child individually.



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  • Mar 2024 The 10 Worst Fails (You Won’t Believe Number 6) 😲📱 That get your attention? Clickbait works by appealing to our emotions and curiosity – but where exactly do those links lead? Find out in our guide 👀Download >> Read more