Government guidance on Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) from the First Joint Report of the Business, Innovation and Skills and Education Committees published on 5th July 2016, identified eight benchmarks of good careers guidance from research undertaken by The Gatsby Foundation.

We have used these 8 benchmarks to review and focus our own provision for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance:

(1) A stable careers programme.

(2) Learning from career and labour market information.

(3) Addressing the needs of each student.

(4) Linking curriculum learning to careers.

(5) Encounters with employers and employees.

(6) Experiences of workplaces.

(7) Encounters with further and higher education.

(8) Personal guidance.

Statement of Intent

The Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme at Hatch End High School aims to prepare our young people, from the moment that they arrive in Year 7, for the world of work and to provide them with a wide-ranging and comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges ahead. Our staff are experienced, have been involved with Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance for many years and the Careers Department is directly line managed by our Careers' Leader who is also a member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team.

Our Careers Department uses a range of software, but primarily Unifrog, to which all students have access. We use Unifrog to support diagnosis and for research of supra-curricular and work experience opportunities, as well as university and apprenticeship options. 

Students are encouraged to use the information services and the experience of staff to research areas of interest to them. During Key Stage 3 labour market information and careers education are delivered through a variety of subjects. For example in Year 7 Physical Education, students take on different roles such as performer, coach, umpire and official in order to gain an appreciation of different occupational skills. 

“Students who meet four or more employers before they leave school are FIVE times more employable when they leave education” (Uptree, 2021). Consequently, we also encourage employers to visit school and to deliver assemblies, workshops and other curriculum initiatives.

Our Careers Programme

The Baker Clause

View our Sixth Form page

View our Careers Policy

View our Future Choices page for Apprenticeships Information

Xcite – Local Harrow-based advice for employability and careers

icould website - career videos offering an inside view into a huge range of jobs

Career Pilot website - useful videos, especially for assisting transitions and options

Click here for Labour Market Information

Parents' Guide Resource Link - Careers, Post-16 Options, Apprenticeships and more


Mr P Richards - Careers' Leader (Monday - Friday) Room J11 / ext. 2089

Mrs M Raichura - Careers Advisor (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) Room T12a / ext. 2158

Mrs A Sheikh - Careers & Work Experience Co-ordinator (Monday - Friday, 10 - 2.20pm) Room T11 / ext. 2223




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