Our Careers Programme

Our Careers Programme

Below is a description of the sort of careers activities undertaken by students in each year group.

Year 7

The focus is about introducing careers and thinking about the vast number of careers / jobs available e.g.:

  • PE - Students take on different roles such as performer, coach/leader, umpire, official etc. to help generate knowledge about different roles, but also to foster different qualities needed to support careers (e.g. confidence, speaking in front of peers, understanding, taking the lead, co-operation).
  • PCHSE - Students consider their personality type and sorts of work which might suit them in future.

The year culminates with the E3 Employer Engagement Event where the year group have the chance to meet and question a variety of professionals.

Year 8

The focus is to explore the world of learning, training and employment available e.g.: 

  • Geography - Students look at the development levels of various regions, areas and countries and relate this to the dominant sectors of employment. They also study the economic value of different industries and the skills employed within and explore how different natural landscapes lend themselves to various employment sectors.
  • PCSHE (Personal Citizenship, Social and Health Education) - Students develop a range of skills, particularly team working and listening to others.   Students learn about legal and human rights, with a particular emphasis on the rights of employers and employees.  

Year 9

The core work for the year involves 4 sessions of Barclays Life Skills programme which promote financial awareness and employability. These sessions are delivered by Barclays staff and are followed up in PCSHE lessons. Aspirations are supported and encouraged through trips to organisations such as city banks. ‘Soft skills’ such as making presentations are developed through debate mate and additional mentoring and one-to-one tutoring is deployed for targeted students. 

Furthermore, the Key Stage 3-4 Options process encompasses access to our independent and impartial Careers Advisor, parents’ consultation evening, individual guidance meetings for students and parents with senior staff, printed and electronic course information and an open event involving local colleges and apprenticeship providers. All of the above assist students to make well-informed and good decisions on what to do next at Key Stage 4.  

Year 10

The focus is one full week of work experience at the end of the summer term which enables students to develop their employability skills. The school has made the decision to retain formal work experience despite being non-statutory because of our belief in its ability to inspire and galvanise students and help them ascertain the type work of place skills which they need to develop. Curriculum activities support preparation, implementation and evaluation of work experience include CV writing in PCSHE and one-to-one interview practice from local business people who provide individual feedback on students’ interview skills and CVs. This is complemented by individual and small group career interviews with our careers adviser, prioritised by a needs analysis and the opportunity for all students to spend a day sampling taster lessons in our Sixth Form.

Year 11

Year 11 focusses on post-16 options and the post-16 application process to include individual and small group career interviews by our Careers Adviser, to which parents are also invited. Guidance interviews are also undertaken by members of the SLT and are supplemented by assemblies, parents’/carers’ events and drop-in sessions. A Further Education Event involving local colleges and apprenticeship providers is offered annually in addition to the school’s own post-16 Open Evening. Other local providers (from the Harrow Sixth Form Collegiate) are also invited to our Open Evening and students’ choices are thereby increased beyond the range of A Levels and BTEC Nationals offered by Hatch End High School. Students’ applications are individually quality assessed for appropriateness by the Careers Co-ordinator.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form focusses on supporting students to develop employability skills and choose appropriate post-18 options, including UCAS, apprenticeships and the world of work. Guidance interviews happen with students identified by the Head of Sixth Form, other Sixth Form staff and self-referrals are also facilitated. Bespoke sessions are provided to support students not planning to apply to Higher Education. Students have the opportunity to undertake a week of work experience or work shadowing at the end of Year 12 and all vocational (BTEC) students undertake one full day of work experience every week to support and complement their BTEC course. All students in Year 12 benefit from taking the London Institute of Banking and Finance Level 2 programme in Personal Finance and some students opt to continue their studies to Level 3 as an enrichment. Ex-students make presentations in assembly and there is regular alumni news printed in the school newsletter and on the school’s website in order to encourage and inform students and parents of the opportunities available for them.

The Careers Academy

Lessons throughout the school are enhanced by visiting professionals who speak to students about their job, how they secured it and its advantages and disadvantages. They also take questions from students and on occasion are able to provide employability workshops and skills development sessions. All Careers activities are evaluated for their effectiveness against the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. Our Careers provision is reviewed and updated annually in light of the evaluations received. 

Students, parents, teachers and employers are all welcome to access information about our Careers provision through our website, however any further questions, queries or offers of help and support can be referred to any member of the Careers Department.

All of the above are supplemented by several large scale events.


Career Events

Students are offered a variety of opportunities to encounter employers at specially arranged events:

Years 7 & 8 E3 Employer Engagement Event

Local and national employers deliver short presentations on the labour market and employability skills. Students are able to ask the employers what they want to know in a question and answer session that follows.

Year 9 Options Fair

An informative event especially designed to help Year 9 students choose their options for GCSE. Representatives from colleges, universities and training providers are available to discuss subject choices and different routes into chosen professions.

Year 10 Preparing for Success (P4S)

Our Preparing for Success event involves employers from organisations as diverse as solicitors, The Civil Service, Recruitment Consultants and large corporates such as Citibank, giving our students the opportunity to experience a formal one-to-one interview. Students prepare a CV and choose their own attire for the event, so employers can also give feedback on their performance and their presentation. Students are also prepared in advance of their practice interviews by attending a body language and positive projection workshop.

Students have said that this experience increased their confidence, eased their fears and helped them with their preparation and presentation skills for Work Experience and thereafter college, university or employment interviews.

Interviewers also thoroughly enjoy the day, and are always delighted to experience the maturity and professional attitude of our students. If you are an employer or a parent and think that you could help with the delivery of this event or any other careers event please contact Ms Fernando our Careers Co-ordinator / Sixth Form Admin Supervisor.

Work Experience

All Year 10 students benefit from a week of Work Experience in the summer term where they can hone their employability skills.

Sixth Form Level 3 BTEC National students undertake a full day's Work Experience every week to support their vocational studies.

These formal opportunities to experience the work place are supplemented by one-off opportunities such as Insight Days. If you are an employer or a parent and think that you could help with the delivery of this event or any other careers event please contact Ms Fernando our Careers Co-ordinator / Sixth Form Admin Supervisor.

Encounters with Further and Higher Education

Year 12 begins with every student visiting a University Open Event and there are many other opportunities for our students to encounter representatives from higher education, further education, and apprenticeship providers throughout their time in the school.