Homework is an essential part of learning.  

At Hatch End High School we believe that it forms a vital part of the learning process and is fundamental in supporting our students to become confident and successful individuals who aspire to excellence. 

In Years 7 - 9 we provide students with regular opportunities to revise the key skills and knowledge that will build strong foundations necessary for future success.  

In Years 10 and 11 we provide homework closely matched to support the requirements of their examination courses.  


Parents are asked to help by: 

  1. Making it clear that you support the school in helping learning through homework. 

  1. Providing a suitable, reasonably quiet place where homework can be done. If this is not possible in the home you can help your child to attend other places where homework can be done e.g. the homework club or breakfast club at school, the school library or public library. 

  1. Checking your child’s Microsoft Teams with them to monitor the homework set and the dates when it should be handed in. In addition to this you can also monitor your child's homework on 'EduLink'.

  1. Encouraging your child to organise their time so that homework is completed well before the deadline, preferably on the evening it is set. 

Please see the Homework Policy for full details. 

Progress - Reporting to Parents 

Pupil progress is monitored in all subjects. Progress is reported to parents in 2 different ways: 2 Progress Reports and a Parents’ Consultation Evening.  

In addition, subject teachers may contact parents/carers if there are any concerns regarding a lack of progress being made. 

Please see the Assessment Policy for more details.