History plays a fundamental role in the world that we live in and here at Hatch End High School, we harness the world that surrounds us in our History lessons. We decipher our way through the past while analysing the ever-changing impact of which monumental decisions are made. History allows students to delve into the past and understand the constructs of society that exist around them today. We journey through periods of human history with a magnifying glass looking for moments of human brilliance and unfortunately moments of human mishaps and ill decision. This is one of the great strengths of studying History, the ability to perceive what actions were taken by our predecessors in relation to their impact upon our own generation and generations to come. We examine a range of sources to come to such conclusions and spend valuable time exploring all aspects of History in a way which shows maturity, scrutiny, and professionalism. History for many students will become a subject they really enjoy attending and will want to extend their knowledge even further beyond the classroom. With the ever-growing online presence of History and historical information, History is playing a role in the development of the future which it has always done. Here at Hatch End High School, we are very proud to be a part of that journey into the unknown. We shall supply our students with all the historical tools they need to be equipped with as we enter a new age of technology and development. Although History may seem to be only discussing, analysing, deciphering, and examining the past, it also helps to create a basis of understanding for the future and the potential outcomes that the future may hold for us. From Key Stage 3 to GCSE and on to A Level History, students will showcase a wide range skills that will help with both school and personal life while providing them with a more accurate representation of the world we have come from, the world we live in and consequently, what the next stage of our world could look like. Although History may focus on the past, here at Hatch End High School, we are very much thinking about the how we can use the past to best inform the decision makers of the future.  

Please click below for the full History Curriculum Map which outlines the content of Year 7-13 in more detail.  Also available is other useful information about the History department.


History Curriculum Narrative and Map

For full details of the structure and content, please refer to the History Curriculum Narrative and Map. 

History Example Schemes of Learning

History Example Schemes of Learning

Year 7 Example Scheme of Learning

Year 10 Example Scheme of Learning

Year 12 Example Scheme of Learning

History Knowledge Organisers

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 History Knowledge Organiser

Year 8 History Knowledge Organiser

Year 9 History Knowledge Organiser

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Mrs E Clark

Head of Department


Miss A Mehta KS3 Co-ordinator  amehta@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk
Dr I Pregnolata Teacher ipregnolato@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk
Ms E Delahaye Teacher  edelahaye@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk


Students get the opportunity for a three day visit to the First World War battlefields in France and Belgium. There are also a number of other visits that have taken place over the past few years: to the Museum of London, the Imperial War Museum and visits to VI Form conferences. A VI Form trip to Paris, to visit sites associated with the French Revolution has also been planned.

Lower school students also have a history club where they can do a variety of fun activities linked into their studies.

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