St Johns

A sample of our collaborative projects with St Johns Primary School includes:

History: 30 Year 5 pupils took part in a unique creative arts project at our school and completed two workshops on ‘The Battle of Britain’ and ‘The First Trains in Britain’. Parents/carers were invited to watch part of the practical work the children completed during the day in our Great Hall, complete with lighting, sound and special effects.

Drama: Three children from St Johns auditioned for our school production ‘Les Miserables’ and took part in two live performances, acting and sang to over 400 people on each occasion.

Education: Our Sixth Form students volunteered as Teaching Assistants throughout the 2016/17 academic year.

Performance: Up to 60 St Johns pupils attended the matinee performance of our annual school production.

Arts Days: We have also run a series of workshops through ARTS DAYS, relating the theme of the school production to literacy and numeracy and delivered workshops in a creative manner to boost interest, knowledge and self-confidence.


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