In-Year Admissions

The school very much welcomes students who didn’t start with us in Year 7, these are called In-Year Admissions. The school has outstanding support systems in place to help students learn English and its students with English as an Additional Language (EAL) consistently make outstanding progress in National examinations.

If a parent wants to make an in-year application for a child to join the academy they should complete the Common Application Form for In-Year Admissions that is available on the Harrow Council admissions website (www.harrow.gov.uk/schooladmissions) or from the Harrow Council Admissions Team (020 8901 2620). There is no Supplementary Information Form for the academy; parents only need to complete the Common Application Form. The Common Application Form should be returned to the Harrow Council Admissions Team who will then liaise with the schools who are listed on the form and write to the applicants with the result of their application.

However, do not hesitate to contact the school directly at the same time as Harrow Council and we will personally support and assist with applications.

In-Year admissions to Years 7 – 11 will be considered in accordance with the number of places available at the school in the 2021/22 school year and over-subscription criteria outlined above, and any places that become available will be filled in priority order from the existing waiting list and any current applications.

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