There has never been a better time to study Science.  The only people able to save the world from Covid-19 are scientific researchers. Imagine being at the forefront of research to find a new vaccine or treatment – by studying science, that could be you. There will be many more new viruses in future which will endanger human life on this planet. You could be the scientist to find the cure.

Science is the most exhilarating, exciting and life changing subject. Science is at the centre of everything that you see smell touch and taste. Science promotes and instils vital life skills such as observing, planning, interpreting, reporting and self-reliance .These are essential skills for any career path. Such skills will enable the future generation to overcome many challenges and build better world for all mankind.

In this subject you start your journey into better understanding of our world and how to make it a better place for the next generation. Be a superhero. Be a scientist.

Please click below for the full Science Curriculum Map which outlines the content of Year 7-13 in more detail. Also available is other useful information about the Science department.

Science Curriculum Narrative and Map

For full details of the structure and content, please refer to the Science Biology Curriculum Narrative and Map.

For full details of the structure and content, please refer to the Science Chemistry Curriculum Narrative and Map.

For full details of the structure and content, please refer to the Science Physics Curriculum Narrative and Map.

Science Knowledge Organisers

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 Science Knowledge Organiser

Year 8 Science Knowledge Organiser

Year 9 Science Knowledge Organiser

Staff Contacts




Mr P Wilkins

Acting Head of Faculty 


Dr H Mehta

Head of Physics


Mrs N Rauf Head of Chemistry NRauf@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk

Mrs M Boroujerdi

In charge of Science Enrichment


Mr B D’Rozario

Head of Year 10


Mr T Imiere



Mr J Williams

Head of Year 11


Dr N Marya

Head of KS3


Mr A Fernandopulle Head of Year 13 fernandopulle@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk
Miss N Sharma Head of BTech Science sharma@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk
Miss G Labrum Head of Biology Glabrum@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk
Miss T Ahilan Teacher tahilan@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk




Ms L Lane

Head Technician

Mrs S Satkunananthan

Senior Technician

Mrs U Shah


Ms N Heelan


Mrs C Gannon



We offer a whole host of enrichment and intervention activities to support learning at Hatch End High School. These include activities such as Yearly trips to CERN in Switzerland by the physics department for Physics A level students; Cosmetic club run by sixth formers and supervised by member of staff.  During the club time Key Stage 4 students make their own make up and toiletries. Club is run after school from 3.15 to 4.00 pm; Science Club for Year 7 once a week. Students are working towards certification for a CREST Award in Science, which is Britain's largest national award scheme for project work in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Some students have designed batteries made from fruit and vegetables making a working gadget (of their choosing), where others are carrying out research into comparing ‘How indigestion tablets work’ by comparing different brands against natural remedies.

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