Media Studies is an A Level subject with tremendous career opportunities. It aims to equip students with the analytical skills needed to be active media citizens, moving from a passive spectator to an active critic. Here at Hatch End, we believe it is also vital for young people to have an awareness of the inner workings of the Media because it is a huge part of their lives. 

With the newly installed Mac Suite, Media  Studies at Hatch End is an ever growing and exciting department to be a part of. Students also have the chance to take part in many creative projects that will challenge them throughout the year. These will range from web design, film-making, editing, design and photography skills. 

Please click below for the full Media Studies Curriculum Map which outlines the content of Year 7-13 in more detail. Also available is other useful information about the Media and Film Studies department.


Media Studies Curriculum Narrative and Map

For full details of the structure and content, please refer to the Media Studies Curriculum Narrative and Map.

Staff Contacts

Staff Name Role Email
Miss J Prinsley Joint Co-ordinator of Media  jprinsley@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk
Mr S Arnsberg Joint Co-ordinator of Media  sarnsberg@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk


  • School trips to Film Festivals including London Film Festival and IntoFilm Festival.
  • Q&As with industry professionals within the school (last year: Producer of I, Daniel Blake).
  • Potential visits to BBFC, IMAX, Guardian Newsroom, London Film Museum, Sky Skills.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects tutorials.
  • After School Film Club: partly curated and presented by students as well as teachers.
  • Coming soon: Teacher created vlog for Media & Film Studies.

Useful Links

Teacher's Resource Site: http://www.filmandmediaportal.com
Revision Quizlet Site: http://www.quizlet.com/mrcolesavidge 
EDUQAS Exam Board Site (Media): http://www.eduqas.co.uk/qualifications/media-studies/
EDUQAS Exam Board Site (Film): http://www.eduqas.co.uk/qualifications/film-studies/
Edusites (Media): https://media.edusites.co.uk/
Media Magazine: https://www.englishandmedia.co.uk/media-magazine/mmag-login/