The study of English Language and English Literature at Hatch End High School aims to connect the lives of learners to the wider context of society and culture. We believe the development of language begins with oral communication, central to all learning, as well as the creative expression of ideas, feelings, respect, and empathy. Strong speaking and listening skills empower the learner to become confident in different situations, enabling them to participate successfully in education, the workplace, and their social life. We believe that studying how language works in texts enables the learner to understand the significance of form, content, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and standard English - and why accurate use of the English language matters in the wider world. 

We strongly believe the study of literature connects human experiences across place and time, offering a way to understand different views of the world, promoting empathy, respect and understanding for different histories, cultures, and perspectives. Poetry, prose and play often explore different ideas and feelings that hold a unique meaning in the context in which they were written, still universally relevant to the lives and experiences of the learner today, helping them to connect with and make sense of their own perspectives and emotions.  

At Hatch End High School, we explore a range of engaging and challenging fiction and non-fiction texts to develop the learner’s reading, writing, and speaking skills at all stages. We aspire to develop their appreciation of literature and understanding of the English language, to equip them with the confidence, knowledge, and skills they need to navigate through the contemporary world around them, independently.   

Please click below for the full English Curriculum Map which outlines the content of Year 7-13 in more detail. Also available is other useful information about the English department.

English Curriculum Narrative and Map

For full details of the structure and content, please refer to the English Curriculum Narrative and Map.

English Knowledge Organisers

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 English Knowledge Organiser

Year 8 English Knowledge Organiser

Year 9 English Knowledge Organiser

Staff Contacts

Staff Name



Miss D Patel

Head of Department


Ms D Petrou KS5 Co-ordinator  petrou@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk
Ms A Rugeana KS3 and KS4 English Language Co-ordinator  arugeana@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk
Miss M Mohammad KS3 and KS4 English Literature Co-ordinator  mmohammad@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk

Ms L Le Fleurier

Head of Year 7


Ms A Gohil Head of EAL  gohil@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk
Mr S Arnsberg Joint Co-ordinator of Media


Ms J Prinsley Joint Co-ordinator of Media  jprinsley@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk

Ms A Vernon-Powell



Mr C Donald- Stanton Teacher cdonaldstant@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk
Ms S Zare Teacher  SZare@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk   
Mrs S Rothstein Teacher  SRothstein@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk 


We offer a whole host of enrichment and intervention activities to support learning at Hatch End High School. These include participating in activities such as: the New Views script writing project with the National Theatre; the Heart Stone Project with Sita Kumar; First Story; Debate Mate; Anime Club; writing and poetry competitions with Young Writers; trips to the Globe Theatre and events such as Poetry Live; Young City Poets scheme; Young Reporter Scheme with Newsquest; visits to theatres and lectures; The Globe Players performances in school; and, Creative Writing Club; Book Club; Saturday School; Easter and May-half term sessions; afterschool revision and catch-up sessions; outside agencies delivering tailored sessions; literacy and homework club; and, Walking Talking Mocks. 

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At HEHS we want to broaden each subject to make it relevant to the real world and enhance students personal development. Below is a series of quick links.


Key Stage 4 Reading List