Design and Technology is a way of doing things, it’s a way of thinking and above all, it’s a way of thinking creatively. We endeavour to provide opportunities for students, of all ages across the curriculum, to develop their capabilities, combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to create quality products by converting ideas and raw materials into the products we all need and use every day of our lives, the things we see around us.

Design and Technology is a logical, creative and practical subject that gives young people an experience of how the world works, how things are made and how to think differently. It is a rigorous and challenging subject utilising creativity, imagination and innovation. It is about creating and developing ideas and about how things are made. It gives students experiences of making and evaluating the things they design and teaches them about the materials and technology from which products are made. The process of being creative, solving problems and taking risks, not being afraid to give it a go.

We hope that Design and Technology sows the seeds of a passion to go further, at degree level and then into the world of work. Developing many transferrable life skills in the process, such as problem solving, team work, resourcefulness and risk taking.

We encourage young people to fire their imagination and aspirations so as to ask the question, ‘why not?’, rather than ‘why’? We want them to think differently, question and find solutions to problems, gain the tools, knowledge and experience to turn ideas into reality so they can create a better future.


Please click below for the full Design and Technology Curriculum Map which outlines the content of Year 7-13 in more detail.  Also available is other useful information about the Design and Technology department.

Design and Technology Curriculum Narrative and Map

For full details of the structure and content, please refer to the Design and Technology Curriculum Narrative and Map.


Design and Technology Example Schemes of Learning

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 Example Schemes of Learning

Year 7 Example Scheme of Learning

Year 8 Example Scheme of Learning

Year 9 Example Scheme of Learning

Design and Technology Knowledge Organisers

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 Design and Technology Knowledge Organiser

Year 8 Design and Technology Knowledge Organiser

Year 9 Design and Technology Knowledge Organiser

Staff Contacts

Staff Name



Mr S Evans Head of Product Design evans@hatchend.harrow.sch.uk

Mr S Chimonas

Head of Year 8


Mr L Foxe DT Technician


The department offers a variety of enrichment opportunities throughout the year. In Food Technology and Nutrition, students can join cooking club and will learn to cook a range of exciting recipes. For students studying food and nutrition at GCSE, there will be opportunities to go to the Southbank food festival and try and a variety of food from different cultures. Students also have the opportunity to cater for a variety of events, such as open evening, the old folk’s party and music concerts.

In Design and Technology, students have the opportunity to join clubs that will allow them to develop their practical skills in the workshop, as well as going on trips to the Design Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum to see how design has developed over the last century. Outside agencies also come in to Hatch End High School and run workshops on design and modelling skills.

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