Year 10

I am looking forward to continuing the journey with you and your child – to support Year 10 students as they start their learning and to enter one of the most important years within their GCSE and BTEC courses.

This is the springboard year, where your child will consolidate key areas and start to get prepared for Year 11 next academic year and final examinations.

My team and I will continue to seek to support your child and seek to support both you and them to progress academically and to grow as a young person in high school and give them the strategies to deal with new challenges. We will seek to embed our school ethos WE CARE and the qualities needed to succeed – pushing your child to aim high, accepting challenge and promoting resilience.

We are keen for your young people to become active leaders and accept more responsibility during this year and there will be a lot of opportunities on offer for them to acquire these skills – all which will be very beneficial for onward study and in the world of work.


Year 10 Learning Journey


Head of Year: Mr M Williams

Year Team Assistant: Ms J Kariolis

Assistant Headteacher: Mr D Robinson


Contact details: 020 8428 4330


Tutor Tutor Group
Ms A Noreen 10ANO
Mrs R Burke 10RBU
Ms F Amin 10FAM
Ms E Delahye 10EDE
Mr P Adams/Mr T Imiere 10PAD
Mr T Akin 10TAK
Ms M Asafu-Adjaye 10MAA
Mrs M Porter 10MPO
Miss A Sulaimane 10ASU


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