Excellent Junior Maths Challenge Results

Posted on: 26/05/2017

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As part of the ongoing outstanding provisions for our Maths students, our More Able Mathematicians competed in the Junior Maths Challenge organised by United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT), established in 1996. The Mathematical Challenge is a problem solving competition for individual students in the UK. The aim is to promote mathematics as a source of scholarly interest and pleasurable achievement. Many students who participate and excel in the challenges have gone on to success in fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Architecture and Mathematics. 

The top 7% of participants nationally receive a Gold award, the top 20% a Silver award and the top 40% a Bronze award. Therefore, achieving a Gold award places a student in approximately the top 5% of all students nationally, a huge achievement! Congratulations to the following students for their awards in the Junior Maths Challenge.

Kazim Raffiq-Fazal, Year 8 Krish Shah, Year 8    
Sarah Marsh, Year 8    
Sajesh Shakya, Year 7
Diana Stoian, Year 8
Sajid Zaman, Year 8
Rokas Makevicius, Year 8
Naveed Naseer, Year 8
Alex James Anthony, Year 8
Ilhan Khan, Year 8
Mia Gordon, Year 8

Kazim, who achieved a Gold award and the highest in the school, said, “It was very unexpected, I was expecting Bronze or Silver as it was very hard. I am delighted and proud to get a Gold award, it’s something I can share with my family and friends.”

Once again, Hatch End High School’s Mathematicians have done us proud!