U14 Girls' Football Tournament

Posted on: 29/02/2024

Girls Football Feb 2024We are on a roll! Another win for HEHS Year 7 & Year 8 Girls' Football Team! 

On Thursday 29th February, we took part in the 7 a-side U14 Girls' Football Tournament. Each game was 10 minutes, with the first game against Harrow High School, which we won a fantastic 8-0! A great start and outstanding performance from attack. Some great passes and teamwork between Megan, Hannah, Nafiso and Larisa. 

The following games continued with wins against Nower Hill and Pinner High. This resulted in being the top of our group and moving onto the Semi-Final with Park High. 

The Semi-Final was very close, with Aimee G, Raisa C and Aisha G holding a strong defence and Star back in goal blocking all the shots. The semi's ended with a 2-1 win and moving onto the Final against Sacred Heart. 

With only 10 minutes, both Hatch End and Sacred Heart played every moment of that game with the determination to win. Hatch End scored their 2 goals in the first 5 minutes, with Sacred Heart scoring moments later. With the score 2-1, we held a strong defence to the final whistle, with Aimee and Aisha booting the ball back up to the other side and with Raisa at one point coming out of nowhere with an amazing tackle that had everyone cheering.  

A really well deserved win! Congratulations girls! 


Team: Megan (Captain), Hannah, Raisa, Aimee, Star-Sasha, Larisa, Nafiso, and Aisha.


Miss Faridani, Physical Education Teacher

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