Raising Aspirations trip to the Jaguar Landrover Factory

Posted on: 16/06/2017

On Thursday, 8th June, 35 Year 10 students visited the Jaguar Land Rover Factory in Birmingham. This fantastic opportunity gave students the chance to see how one of the UK’s largest and most innovative manufactures produce their range of luxury cars. The group were lucky enough to go on a two-hour tour of the factory, seeing the production line in action. As well as seeing the state-of-the-art robots produce certain components of the car, they also witnessed highly skilled workers make engine parts, electrics and innovative entertainment systems. Students were stunned by the sheer scale of the place and the precision production line used to produce the cars. As well as a tour, students were challenged to create their own production line to make 12 Lego cars in the fastest (and most efficient) way possible. Students had to work out the most effective way of forming a production line that was capable of making a complicated design in under 15 seconds!

This trip gave students an insight into the world of British manufacturing and the amazing career opportunities available within the automobile industry. Students left Birmingham excited by some of the internships and apprenticeships Jaguar offer, as well as the exciting and dynamic work environment manufacturing has to offer.

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