Year 8 Stem Energy Quest Event

Posted on: 24/11/2017

On Thursday, 9th November, the school hosted a Science, Technology and Maths (STEM) workshop for 30 Year 8 students. The workshop was run by the educational charity, Young Engineers and the focus was to inform students about the need to consider the planet’s future energy provision and develop their awareness of the issues around the topic of sustainability both with regard to our need for energy and within design in general.

The students completed a design challenges that provided an opportunity to consider how energy is created, but also how it can be created with minimal impact upon both existing energy resources as well as the environment.

The second half of the session challenged the students to use their practical skills and build electrical cars. Students considered how electrical energy can be stored and used in capacitors. Each team was challenged to store precisely the right amount of energy to make their car move exactly 4metres. The competition was tough and the eventual winning team achieved a distance with 90% accuracy.

All students rose to the challenge and the facilitator was impressed by their commitment to participate and challenge each other to succeed. It is an activity that we hope to repeat.

Thank you to the Young Engineers for organising an excellent event.

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