Year 11 League Netball Winners

Posted on: 08/01/2018

The Year 11s came into the season as winners of their borough tournament last year and they were determined to win the league for the first time. They started well, beating Bentley Wood 22-2, then Park High School 14-2, Rooks Heath 15-9 and Nower Hill 13-3. It then all came down to the last game, at home against Sacred Heart. The Year 11s had never beaten Sacred Heart, so they trained twice as hard and stepped onto the court confident with what they could do. At the end of the first half the we were winning 4-3, and by the end of the second half we had won 8-7! All the players showed great strength and determination to win, as it had started to rain and the competition level increased dramatically.

Over the last couple of seasons, the players, led by Emily Mullins, showed how much they really wanted to win. Becky Rafferty showed great composure taking the centre passes and overall tactical awareness of the court. Harine Selvanagam played an excellent wing attack, identifying the correct timing to get the ball from the centre pass. Chidima Obiakor led an excellent defence, never giving up on getting the ball back from the opposition. Rugile Vitartiate played goal Keeper and Wing attack with great composure. Emily Felton and Stacey provided excellent defence in the circle. Caprice Campbell used her movement to get the ball to the attacking end. To cap it off, the shooting was outstanding with Emily Mullins and Hannah Wood shooting over 72 goals this season alone. They, without doubt, have been one of the best netball teams I have ever had the pleasure of coaching, they loved the game and I only hope that some of them play in future years.

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