A Taste for Art at the Tate Modern

Posted on: 07/03/2018

As a subject, and a department, we know that looking at art, and understanding the context in which it is created, can be a great source of inspiration for our students’ own work. What better time to get inspired than in exam preparation time! A number of students from years 10, 11 & 6th Form attended and we all, including the staff, really enjoyed the opportunity to discuss and see artists’ work in their original size. Personally, I think the ceiling to floor swings were a great hit with the students as well! A huge thank you to Mr Williams for organising the trip, and a massive well done to our students who, although we knew would be impeccably behaved, coped admirably with returning during rush-hour.

‘The art trip to Tate Modern was exceptionally helpful in understanding modern art and the meanings behind many pieces. The gallery itself presented exquisite pieces, having gathered works of art from various artists and different periods of time. It housed endless kinds of art pieces, ranging from sculptures of painted wood to short films. All in all, the trip was beneficial to my art course, and I would definitely visit again’. - Year 10 Student

Mrs McGarvey

Head of Art

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