Hatch End Students Graduate at Dell

Posted on: 20/03/2018

Hatch End High School is working with the technology company Dell to give our 6th formers the opportunity to be mentored via a program called Powering Potential. The programme consisted of seven fully facilitated workshops, which focused on developing core skills to help Hatch End students in future life. This was a fantastic opportunity for them as they start to think about their pathway after Year 13.

This programme encouraged students to think about their core attributes and competencies and how these can be utilised in the modern job market. Each of the five workshops featured inspiring insights from Dell leaders, and provided opportunities for the students to build on their skill set. The end result built a cohort of confident and capable students, furnished with the knowledge they need to make the transition from school to university.

The programme coordinator and the facilitator wrote:

‘Thank you to your students for attending the second Powering Potential workshop on Wednesday we thought the session went really well and that the students are doing brilliantly. We were particularly impressed by how mature and engaged Hatch End students were – it seems they are getting a lot out of this programme, which is fantastic to see! ‘

The workshops took place at Dell’s Head Office in the City, providing students an opportunity to see for themselves what it is like to work for one of the largest technology companies in the world.

Miss Sharma

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