Good Citizenship Awards

Posted on: 03/07/2018

When a member of the public, who was driving past the school this week, was forced to pull over and ask for help as her son was experiencing a dramatic nosebleed, she was very impressed with a group of our students who came to her assistance.

All these students, along with a member of staff on gate duty, provided what she needed, and in the process were able to distract and calm her son down. She was most grateful for their support, despite being aware that she was asking them to help ‘a stranger’ and completely understood their initial reticence. We are all warned about the ‘dangers of strangers’ but they accurately assessed the situation and were able to bring comfort and aid in a time of obvious need.

Well done, Ilary Boda, Samir Ataei, Farah Al-Jumaili and Tayyibah Qureshi, who all received special commendation certificates for their actions.

Ms S Maguire