Children In Need Cake Sale

Posted on: 23/11/2018

Cake Sale Tutor Group 9MPO decided to raise some money for Children in Need and after a discussion the most popular suggestion was a cake sale, with other ideas being a ‘Guess The Number of Sweets’ in the tub and ‘Duck Race’ as possible follow-up events. The group organised the making of cakes and cookies in their PCSHE lesson, so they also experienced working in groups and collaborating to ensure that all the tasks were finished by break 2.

Some of the group were in charge of cooking cup-cakes, some applied their artistic talents and decorated them with butter icing whilst others made cookies and iced them so that they looked like Pudsey Bear complete with his spotted eyepatch! Another group was in charge of marketing, and they made a colourful banner and posters and arranged tabling for their cake stall. The sale was very hectic and all the cakes and cookies were sold out in about 15 minutes.

The grand total was just over £61. Well done to the whole group.

Mrs Porter

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