Royal Engineering Corps Trip

Posted on: 22/01/2019

The day’s activities at Brompton Army Barracks in Chatham were fun and gave us an insight into what personnel would do in real-life situations - they told us what they would do and what skills or type of mindset was required to take on each task. An example of this was that we had to connect a heavy, thick, metal pipe to another pipe using bolts and screws, carefully placing a rubber seal inbetween the pipes. As in a real situation, the pipes would carry petrol and other liquids and the rubber seal would need to be airtight or it could decrease the flow and increase the risk of liquid leaking vigorously - thereby halting a vital process. We also got to crawl into a ‘digger’ tank, play with a mini railgun, build a computer and managed to generate electricity using a lemon and a potato.

Written by Paul Solomon - Year 10