Inspiring Artist & Her Artwork

Posted on: 04/02/2019

Natalie Webb, a multi-skilled and versatile fine artist, fashion designer and writer came to spend the day with us on Wednesday 23rd January. Coming from a fashion and design background, with over 20 years of experience creating ranges and managing clients, marketing, production, quality and design teams for brands and high street customers, Natalie offered a real insight into careers within the fashion industry and an insight into how she creates Art and what inspires her.

In each session we had the opportunity to watch Natalie produce a portrait in a very quick 20 minutes. It was a real pleasure to see how someone paints and draws with both hands at the same time!

After the demonstrations in both sessions Natalie answered questions asked by both students and staff. We all welcomed her honest answers to some very thought-provoking questions covering subject matter such as: How to get started in Art and Fashion; What do people think about your style and what made you change from Fashion to Art? If you’re interested in seeing some of Natalie Webb’s work you can go to her website

Students have begun feeding back their enjoyment of the time they had with her: “I learnt different ways of painting. I also learnt not to be put down just because of rejection but to keep going forward.” “ I loved the way you didn’t allow people/firms to tell you what art really means to you, the fact that you do it in a different, personal way. This has allowed me to think freely about my art and not be very close minded”. “I loved her spirit, she was really passionate and I was captivated by that and also by her style of drawing. That encouraged me to think that I may have success in art if I try my best to improve and get out of my comfort bubble.” Andreea Tanasie 10OAK

We all thoroughly enjoyed welcoming Natalie for the day and hope to create another opportunity in the future.

Mrs McGarvey, Head of Art

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