Saturday Fashion & Business Club

Posted on: 25/02/2019

Congratulations to five of our students who successfully applied for places on the Saturday Fashion and Business Club at the University of Westminster; this was an impressive achievement as normally only two are accepted.

Beatrice Man, Andreea Tanasie, Aaliyah Adams, Malalay Barekzai and Smiriti Shah...all in year 10.

“Recently, I was selected to join the Fashion and Business club. I was very excited for this rare opportunity. The club is hosted by the National Saturday Club and takes place at the University Of Westminster. I really enjoy the club and I find that it is very useful, as it gives me a much clearer understanding of the fashion industry and whether it is a career I might look into in the future. Through the club we have access to university-style teaching, where so far, we have learnt the history of t-shirts and how they came about. I also find it very helpful that there are student ambassadors who study fashion at the university who help us out. We also designed pieces that we will be printing out on fabric using a printing machine.”

Malalay Barekzai - 10MAS