Dream Forward Programme

Posted on: 11/04/2019

Inspiration Speakers from Xclusive Touch Events Directors and Author Yolanda Toussaint

Continuing on with the work Mrs Beccan and Mr Williams have set up with a core group of Year 11 students this year, our students were recently visited by two people who have successfully set up a hugely popular events company, sporting charity and more recently opened their very own restaurant in London. Robbie Cave (who attended Park High School) and Julian Holder, were very open and honest about their individual struggles, sacrifices and successes once leaving high school and pursuing further education alongside setting up and building their business ideas. Students were given time to ask a variety of questions that varied from dealing with school/ exam/peer pressure, to the day-to-day running of a busy events venue, and the power of social networking and brand marketing. Throughout the session, both Robbie and Julian highlighted what it takes and the characteristics needed to be a successful entrepreneur, managing people/time and dealing with life’s disappointments and setbacks.

Yolanda Toussaint (pictured) who is an author, teacher and motivational speaker, also visited the students. Yolanda spoke to the students about her life experiences, and how they have shaped her into the woman she is today. Yolanda helped the students to pinpoint barriers which are hindering them, and gave them advice on how to and how not to let the negative times in their lives imprison their futures. Both of the visits above have shown students that through hard work and perseverance, truly anything is possible.

Mrs Beccan ​
Head of Department/Dream Forward Organiser

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