Thorpe Park STEM Fair

Posted on: 10/06/2019

On the 29th March, I was amongst a group of students selected for their hard work so far this academic year to visit Thorpe Park. That morning, we went to a STEM Fair workshop that displayed remarkable technological devices. STEM standards for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. There was one technology that stood out the most for me - it was the virtual reality headset that allows you to feel like you’re on an actual rollercoaster, as the seat also moves in all directions.

After the workshop, teachers took us to a ride called The Detonator and a member of Thorpe Park’s staff spoke to us about safety and movement of the rides. In the afternoon we were free to roam around the park and enjoy the fun and thrilling rides the resort had to offer. The Swarm was my favourite because of the high speed and multiple twists and loops.

Nikowe Ngache Ikaka - Year 10


The STEM Fair was very cool, interesting and fun. It had a range of science and engineering activities, such as VR (virtual reality), robots, neural transmitting, tests for physical attributes and other things. We had a very informative lecture, where we learnt about engineering and different jobs to do with it. It has really inspired me!

At the STEM Fair we met one of their employees, Michael, and together we figured out the velocity of some of the rides: (distance = velocity)/time

We were then lucky enough to go the The Swarm and then had three whole hours to go on the rides of our choice. Overall, it was an amazing day!

Henry North - Year 8