Mass Spectrometry

Posted on: 17/06/2019

Year 12 AS chemistry students had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge on mass spectrometry and receive advice regarding careers in chemistry from visiting Imperial College students (who had much experience in studying chemistry at university) and the different career paths it could open for them.

We had the chance to interpret mass spectras, resulting from different compounds we tested ourselves. This allowed us to expand our knowledge on the practical side of mass spectrometry and helped us understand the real world application of mass spectrometry and its importance. We were also fascinated to discover how much more expensive the mass spectrometer at Imperial College was, compared to the ones we were handling. Furthermore, we also had an opportunity to engage in a question and answer session regarding mass spectrometry and the skills we had just acquired whilst actually handling a mass spectrometer, which allowed us to deepen our understanding of this area of chemistry.

Bisma Butt - Year 12