Handwashing Hygiene Training

Posted on: 03/02/2020

Last week, we were visited by two doctors from Northwick Park Hospital who came to teach the importance of proper handwashing and how easily bacteria can spread from one person to another.

The registrars asked a handful of students to go and wash their hands as they normally would after using the toilet or before and after preparing food. The students were then asked to put their hands under an ultraviolet light which showed the class how much bacteria was left on their hands after washing. Let’s just say we didn’t have many clean hands in the room.

The registrars proceeded to explain to the students how harmful bacteria and  diseases are easily spread because of improper hand washing techniques. Proper handwashing techniques were demonstrated to the students who then went to wash their hands in the correct fashion.

The students then out their hands under the ultraviolet light which showed only a minimal amount of bacteria left on their hands. So it’s clear to see, that in order to stop the spread of  viruses, especially in places like schools and colleges, handwashing correctly is the way forward. Don’t forget the soap!