VISITING RABBI - Mark Goldsmith

Posted on: 26/02/2020

On Wednesday 22nd January, HEHS Year 13 History students had the opportunity to discuss their course content with a local Rabbi. One of the four components of the A-Level course is the Middle Eastern Conflict from 1908 - 2011.

The Rabbi was asked to come in to enhance the students’ understanding of the issues of Israel and to consequently hear the Jewish perspective on Israel and many other issues the students have analysed so far. The Rabbi, Mark Goldsmith, was very knowledgeable and furthered the students’ understanding of the content.

The discussion took numerous twists and turns during his hour-long visit. The discussion-based arena promoted and enhanced students’ historical skills and understanding.

Afterwards, I spoke to many of the students and they reflected expertly and professionally. Firstly, I would like to thank the Rabbi for coming in and talking with HEHS students. His reflection, historical detail, and opinion were a refreshing and engaging aspect of the overall ongoing discussion concerning Judaism & the issues of Israel.

Secondly, I would like to thank the students for being incredibly professional and showing an enormous amount of respect to the Rabbi’s beliefs, views, and opinions. The maturity in this area was evident in every aspect of the discussion.  Consequently, I am extremely proud of them all, they were fantastic representatives of HEHS. We are planning to visit Rabbi Mark’s synagogue in Edgware and Hendon to continue the discussion.

Well done, Year 13 and thank you again to Rabbi Mark Goldsmith for giving us his time and honesty.