UCL Virtual Particle Physics Masterclass 2020

Posted on: 08/06/2020

On March 31st 2020, our physics class had the opportunity to take part in a five-hour virtual particle physics seminar run by the physics department of UCL using Zoom. Other schools from around the country and Europe also participated. This was in place of a planned trip on the same day to UCL, and yet managed to incorporate a lot of what we would have expected had we attended as planned.

The masterclass involved several talks by professors, including Professor Butterworth head of UCL Physics Department, in varying fields of particle physics; engaging us in live Q&A sessions throughout to broaden our understanding of this fascinating world of the unknown. We also had the chance to remotely use software called Hypatia, this software is currently used at the particle accelerator at CERN and were taught how to interpret the data to identify outcomes of collisions we were simulating.

Finally, we got to speak to current undergraduates and received advice on applying to university for STEM subjects. It was an engaging and enjoyable experience that was certainly beneficial to both our current studies and wider knowledge.

Written by Cameron Chambers (Sixth Form)