Geography Challenge – Switch off fortnight

Posted on: 10/12/2020

We all know that saving energy is important and there are lots of different ways that we can do this; turning off lights when they are not needed, reducing time on the computer, turning down the heating for example.

Switch Off Fortnight was the 16th-27th November, so we set a challenge for our Key Stage 3 students! Over the two weeks, students were challenged to spend one hour using no energy whatsoever.

NO PHONES, NO COMPUTERS, NO TVs, NO LIGHTS, and so on. Not only did they get to spend some time doing things they don’t normally do... going for a walk, or playing a board game, but they were also doing their bit to reduce energy consumption!

After their ‘switch off’ hour students were asked to write up what they did, explaining what they enjoyed and what was good about ‘switching off’ for an hour.

The winners of the Switch Off geography challenge are: Harshit Sai Dammala 7SAR Leon Bytyqi 7MAA

Mrs Cowper Head of Department

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