Well-Being at Hatch End High

Posted on: 23/11/2020

What is well-being about?

At Hatch End, we value the well-being of our students and staff members. Work can be difficult at times, which is why we ensure that the health of each individual is prioritised. We have a wide range of well-being activities including table tennis, mindful colouring, and cooking to suit each student. Whilst it is important that students flourish through their education, these activities enforce stronger social connections, positive attitudes when facing adversity, and teamwork skills.

These benefits are not only crucial within the school community, but they supplement the core skills needed for life outside school. To develop on this, our students may obtain new-found interests when picking these activities. For those who love sports, rounders, tennis, and badminton is offered.

For those who enjoy the peace and quiet, mindful walking, colouring, and chess is also open to all. For our Year 13s who have chosen the university path, we have sessions to help them prepare quick meals which add to their independence.

Our most recent well-being session was on Tuesday, and the activities were valued by each individual. What we want most for our students in our school environment is genuine engagement and fulfilment, and in the photos below, the activities seemed to show just that!