Student Achievement - Good News!

Posted on: 11/12/2020

I wanted to share with you some lovely news concerning one of our students, Rishabh Varia - Year 12, who has featured prominently in our promotional materials for a few years now (see photograph on front page). His parents wrote to me recently with an update on Rishabh’s recent success - it reads:


Dear Ms Maguire,

We are delighted to hear that Rishabh has been accepted to be an Arkwright Scholar. Rishabh is over the moon (and even happier than when he got his GCSE results)! We wanted to thank you and all the staff at Hatch End for allowing Rishabh to flourish, particular with his interest in Science and Maths. To date Rishabh never had any private tuition and has always been supported by all his teachers. In particular Rishabh has spoken about below named teachers that have helped him immensely in his interest and development since year 7.

Please convey our special thanks to them all.

• Mr Selva - For checking Rishabh’s practice papers and application docs

• Dr Mehta - For checking Rishabh’s application docs

• Mr Richards and Ms Fernando - For helping him with exam planning and HEHS involvement with Arkwright

• Ms Hussain for checking emails for me everyday and keeping Rishabh updated

Kind regards, Mr & Mrs Varia


The Arkwright Engineering Scholarships programme is the most prestigious scholarship scheme of its type with over 5,000 Scholarships awarded to top-scoring students within the United Kingdom and Channel Islands. Running since 1991, the scholarships are awarded through rigorous selection to the highest calibre students from all educational backgrounds to support them through their A-levels. It is always nice to hear good news, something of which we are sadly lacking in these unprecedented times.

This is a highly acclaimed scholarship and I, along with all Rishabh’s teachers and mentors, would like to formally congratulate him on his fantastic achievement and wish him all the best with his studies.

Ms Sue Maguire