Yellow Heart Project

Posted on: 01/02/2021

We are going to display YELLOW HEARTS in one of the front windows of the school to represent the loss of a family member, loved one or friend, special to any of us.

The Yellow Hearts group is based on David Gompertz's idea that those who have lost a loved one to coronavirus should place a yellow heart in their window to show that coronavirus is around and is having a massive effect on people around us. The aim of the Yellow Hearts to Remember initiative is to raise awareness that our loved ones are not just statistics, but individuals, all who are loved and have family and friends grieving.

You can email Ms Dunford to ask for a heart to be put up. The heart can have a name of the person written on it or their title such as friend or grandad, etc., or it can be left blank. If you want a name or title written on it, please email the details and Ms Dunford will write on a heart and display it. You can put a heart up for anybody you have lost as a result of the virus since the start of the pandemic in