England vs Northern Ireland Football Trip to Wembley Stadium

Posted on: 01/11/2021

On Saturday 23rd October at 3.00pm, students gathered around outside the school’s gate. It was the day of the trip and students had been rewarded based on their positive contributions towards Physical Education.

When everyone arrived, we all made our way to Headstone Lane train station and went ahead to get on the train to Wembley Stadium. Everyone was shocked at the sight of the stadium and could not believe we were there! 

We were all excited and happy as we brought out our phones and multiple pictures were being taken. We made our way inside and found our seats, after sitting down for a bit the cameras caught us and we were jumping up and down trying to be in the shot. 

Then we all went out to get some snacks for the game: popcorn, cotton candy, hot chocolate and hot dogs. The game finally started...waves started around the stadium, balloons were passed down to one another and paper planes zoomed around the pitch! It was fun as we all cheered for England. 

For the first 50 minutes, the Northern Ireland goalkeeper did some brilliant saves, yet there were no goals from England nor Northern Ireland. After a few substitutions, Beth Mead scored a brilliant 3 goals with Beth England then scoring the 4th goal. Screaming, shouting and cheering, England had won!

After a long day we all headed back to the school where we got picked up and went home. 

Article written by Zara, Year 8

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