Panathlon Bowling Competition

Posted on: 29/11/2021

On Wednesday 10th November, the Hearing Impaired Provision went on our first trip in a long time to the Panathlon Bowling Competition in Stratford, London.

At 9.00am, we all got on a public bus to a train station that took us to the Stratford Bowling Competition. While we were on the train, we all had a sheet where we had to complete a London Underground Challenge linked to train station names.  

Once we arrived in the bowling competition that was held in Stratford, we made a start taking turns throwing the ball with smiles and positivity.  

We had a great time playing bowling especially the sportsmanship from HIP students. But not just enjoying playing bowling but we also had an amazing experience to interact with other Hearing-Impaired Students from different schools and making new friends with them.  

Once the game was over, we all had a quick lunch break and had a chat with other students before the winners of the competition were announced. We cannot wait for another bowling competition next year! 

Article written by Alisha Zahra Shah, Year 8

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