V&A Museum STEM Workshop

Posted on: 28/01/2022

Following on from our Year 8 excursion to the Building Centre and the activities led by Rebecca Goozee from the V&A Museum, we were happy to welcome Rebecca back to Hatch End High School for two workshops on two subsequent dates!

Workshop 1: In the first 2 hour session, students were provided with an image of a house with dimensions ranging from a 1cm wide door to a 4cm high rear wall and many more. Having then been given a range of different materials to build with, the students quickly developed their modelling skills, rose to the occasion and built a fair bit of resilience along the way to create some excellent scale models!

Workshop 2: In the second session, the task was to create an architectural reconstruction of Euston Arch. Students were split into teams and this time were all given air drying clay. A great task to develop listening, communicating, thinking and team skills, students also had to use their knowledge of Maths and Science to create a standing model at a scale of 1:120. Even the diameter of the columns were specified!

A huge thanks from the students and staff to Rebecca Goozee and the V&A Musueum for the great opportunity and some challenging, but fun and inspiring STEM workshops.

Mrs McGarvey, Head of Art & Design

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