Employer Engagement Careers Event

Posted on: 23/06/2022

On Wednesday 22nd June, three representatives from two different companies, came into Hatch End High School to talk to our Year 7 and 8 students about their own career paths, as well as the careers opportunities available at the organisations they work at. 

Christina Byrne and Kawsar Abdi, from Wates, spoke about the various job roles they had within the companies they worked at, in terms of which qualification they studied and how they moved up the career ladder. 

Makeda Christie from Equans also spoke about her own career path as well as the great opportunities available at the organisation she works at. 

Each of them made it clear that it is rare to have a career path that is straight forward, as often when you are young you may not know what you want to do next. If in this situation it is important to always be aware of the various opportunities which come your way and try something which interests you, as you never know where you may end up working. Although one thing is for sure, the hard work you put in will always pay off and remember to network with people, this could potentially lead to a job in the future. 

The session was a great way to introduce the students to the world of work, as well as: 

• Broaden and raise career aspirations 

• Help students have a better understanding of different routes into careers 

• Build confidence 

• Help to make a smooth transition between school and employment or further education 

"Students who meet four or more employers before they leave school are FIVE times more employable when they leave education" - Uptree 

Article written by Mrs Raichura, Careers Advisor

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