Business Breakfast Event

Posted on: 30/06/2022

On Wednesday 29th June, Hatch End High School held a Business Breakfast meeting with two BTEC Business students, Jazmine and Bipujan, in attendance.

It was a great chance for students to see how a business meeting is conducted, how people network and also to take part in networking themselves.

The presentation was led by Ted Wigzell from Your Business Community who was explaining the many benefits of being a member which include: 24/7 HR & Employment helpline, 24/7 legal helpline, Business documents library, Jury service allowance, Health & Safety advice, Tax, VAT and PAYE helpline, plus many more.

When running your own business, not only do you have to be good at whatever it is you are selling, in order to run a successful business you need to: complete admin work, complete tax returns, market and advertise your business, generate new leads/customers, deal with any legal issues, deal with any IT issues - and the list goes on.

Therefore, being a member of an organisation such as Your Business Community offers the support that you would usually get from working for a company on a PAYE basis.


Article written by Mrs Raichura, Careers Advisor

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