Summer Production

Posted on: 08/07/2022

On Tuesday 5th and Friday 8th July, our students did a fantastic job of performing our Summer Production of ‘Every Song has a Story.’ We were so incredibly proud of our students, especially as some had never performed in a show before, let alone one that was performed to over 700 primary school students from local schools! Our production brought together scenes and songs from famous musicals including Hamilton, Matilda, Billy Elliot, Mary Poppins, Oh What a Lovely War and The Lion King. The students were so professional and confident as they took to the stage and personal highlights included the famous Matilda number ‘Naughty’ which we learnt from the West End version starring Lucia Anderson, Ashvin Dean-Andrews, Lakshana Dean-Andrews, Sunny Patel, Evelyn Pearn and ‘Born to Boogie’ from Billy Elliot, the number where Billy’s dance teacher played by Pauline Ettienne Raghouber helps him to achieve his dreams as a dancer. Billy was played by Caelan Wallington in Year 7, who also stars in the UK tour version of ‘School of Rock.’ Our students in Year 10 who performed the ‘Hamilton’ sequence were very impressive, including Tyrone Sebastiao, who really owned the stage and got the whole audience involved and dancing to the famous number ‘My Shot.’ A huge thank you to all the staff who helped us with the show including Mr Thomas, Mr Cottle, Mr Evans for our lovely set design, Tom Farrar for musical direction, Mr Pearn and Mr Firth for our fantastic technical elements and Ms Cole for the amazing Lion King masks.

Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank some of our lovely students who not only performed in the show, but also very professionally assisted me with our drama workshops we delivered to local primary schools. The students were real leaders, directing the younger students and helping them to become more confident. Lucia Anderson, Daniel Benford, Nadia Buslowska, Sky’e Chamberlain, Ashvin Dean-Andrews, Lakshana Dean-Andrews, Sunny Patel, Isabelle Payne, Evelyn Pearn, Rebeca Ripan, Summer Rogers-Dwane and Caelan Wallington. They were absolute stars and we are very grateful to them.

Mrs Burke, Head of Performing Arts

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