Year 8 Autumn Fundraising Fayre

Posted on: 14/10/2022

This half-term, Year 8 have been focusing on their wellbeing and exploring different tools to help them manage their emotions and stress.

Image5Whilst learning about their wellbeing, they have also been organising a Fundraising Fayre for the Charity Young Minds. Each tutor group chose an activity, created posters and advertised the event to the rest of the school.

8SZA ran a Pumpkin game, 8CDO sold sweets and had a ‘Pin the Sunflower on the Stalk’ game, 8NCO ran a ‘Beat the Goalie’ game, 8BBS ran a table tennis competition, which Daniel Benford won - congratulations! 8SRO sold hot chocolate, and 8AAM sold cookies and ran a ‘Trick or Treat’ basketball shootout competition.

Thumbnail image4The Autumn Fundraising Fayre was a HUGE success, and a real example of the students’ leadership skills. Year 8 managed to raise a total of £131.84 and created a lovely afternoon for the whole school community.

Well done to everyone that took part and donated!

To find out more about Young Minds, please click here.

Ms Le Fleurier, Head of Year 8

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