Year 10 BTEC News

Posted on: 07/11/2022

Thumbnail IMG 5422Year 10 Health and Social Care BTEC students are completing sessions on learning how to deal with clients with sensory loss as part of their examination component. Pupils need to be aware of services and adaptations made in the wider community.

In order to gain a clearer understanding, the students completed a series of tasks for people with sight loss or vision impairment. Wearing blindfolds, students worked in pairs to guide each other around the school and then were tasked with making a jam sandwich.

Adult volunteers and carers working with clients in the local community with partial or total sight loss complete both of these tasks as part of their training.

Our students really enjoyed the practical tasks and all reported back that they felt that they would have more empathy and understanding when meeting, helping or managing a person with sight loss or impairment in the future.

Ms Dunford, Deputy Headteacher

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