Happening History

Posted on: 03/07/2018

On Thursday 14th June, 125 GCSE students took part in a WW1 workshop run by Happening History, an organisation designed to bring history to life. Students had a unique opportunity to learn about the medical conditions on the Western Front through looking at and using genuine historical artefacts from the period. They were then able to re-enact the evacuation pathway using an actual stretcher, whilst also seeing the medical tools used in the war to carry out lifesaving amputations.

Happening History helped to bring the period to life through their authentic costumes and outstanding subject knowledge. Students were particularly intrigued by the 100-year-old crutches and the bandage mechanism used to re-wind previously used bandages. They also got to try on replicas of the first gas masks used on the front line.

The workshop was a huge success with many students stating their belief that seeing all of the historical information had helped to put their previous classroom learning into context. The content directly relates to their GCSE examinations, and therefore places students in good standing for their upcoming examinations next year.

Miss Ervin

Head of History

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