Physics Masterclass

Posted on: 15/06/2018

On Friday 23rd of February, our Physics class embarked upon an exciting journey to the prestigious University of Cambridge. We were there to attend the annual Physics Masterclass, alongside students from schools from all across the country. The day began with a visit to Christ College, where we were given a small insight into the lives of current Cambridge students. Shortly after, we were given the opportunity to explore the campus in small groups. The college intricately designed with a medieval-styled chandelier in the spacious food hall, a lengthy green field for recreational activities, and a long-standing library filled with thousands of scientific publications.

Immediately after the tour, we regrouped and headed straight for Cavendish Laboratory- the very laboratory in which J.J Thomson discovered the existence of electrons, and where Ernest Rutherford’s artificial nuclear fission took place. The lab was rebuilt, but still retains its prominence in its field. During the long walk to the Cavendish Laboratory, we passed the University Library and Dr Mehta pointed out that the library holds a copy of every single book published in the country.

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