Sports Leader

Posted on: 27/11/2018

Sports Leader

Our sports ambassadors have been chosen for 2018. Students were given the opportunity to apply, in writing, to the PE department, to justify why they should be selected. PE ambassadors’ duties are to assist teachers with equipment, support other students in lessons, provide feedback to teachers about all aspects of PE and to promote the subject within school and the wider community.

Many thanks to all students who applied.
Year 7: Tyrone Sebastiou & Isabella Chrysostomou
Year 8: Max Jayeola & Marwa Azad
Year 9: Callum Lewington & Sasha Valenti
Year 10: Nikowe Ikaka & Wiktoria Lajborek
Year 11: Ajmal Barekzai & Jhanita Dawkins

A number of students were fortunate enough to attend the England vs USA football match at Wembley Stadium last week. This trip was a reward for students’ positive start to PE this academic year. They all had a great time at the match and witnessed a 3-0 win to England. Maybe it is coming home after all.